Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Family Trip to Costco + Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock Review

Now that we are a nice little family of 4 with two little ones, it quickly became obvious to us that we would need to invest in a Costco membership. Helloooo diapers, wipes, formula..... and wine.....

When we just had Ronan, trips to the store were relatively easy-- we just stuck him up in the front of the cart, loaded up the back, and we were good to go! Since Everleigh's been born, we knew we would need something to make our shopping trips a little bit easier and more convenient, especially when we need that extra room in the cart for all of our groceries. That's where the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock has saved us! We don't have to worry about where to put her carseat without taking up the entire back of the cart and our shopping trips have been stress free! 

The hammock can be used with or without the carseat (it can hold up to 50 lbs and baby can be placed in them safely on their own until they can sit up, around 6-8 months), it is safety tested, and fits most standard grocery carts (even the Costco ones!). They come in the cutest prints as well, and of course I had to choose the most girly one for baby girl ;)

We also made a lot more friends during our last trip, with everyone commenting on our "cute" kids. Hey, I'll take it!

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kellie ann
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