Thursday, January 5, 2017

A First Birthday Gift Guide

As my son, Ronan, nears his first birthday (whaaaaat???), I thought I would put together a little gift guide for our family and friends to politely guide them towards Ronan's preferred toys & activities at this age. Any mamas out there with a little one just might relate and want to share this list with their family and friends as well 😉

A common moment of Ronan running away after
being caught playing with the cords under the table...

1. His very own electrical outlet. Really, anything dangerously electronic that involves long cords would be perfect.

2. Wicker baskets. He prefers ones that he can pick apart into verrrrrry small shreds and eat.

3. Vent covers. The ones with the decorative designs are best because it's easiest for him to get his little fingers in there to lift it up, look around to make sure no one is looking (or that they are 👀), and run away excitedly with it.

 4. Wipes. The more you say no, the more delicious they are to him. Any brand will do.

5. Any large object or piece of furniture that he could potentially a) climb on or b) pull down onto himself at a moment's notice.

I think that about covers it.... Any other mamas have any suggestions to add? 😂

with love,
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