Monday, June 8, 2015

Wine, Bachelor, & Yoga Pants

Ok guys, it's Monday and we all know what that means.... it'ssssss BACHELOR(ETTE) DAY!! Seriously, how do I get sucked into Monday becoming by far my favorite day of the week every season as I sit back and cringe, watching a pseudo-fairy-tale unfold before my very eyes, usually the kind that does NOT end up with a happy ending. Somehow every season I always hold out hope. This season, however, my hope is dwindling a little earlier than usual. Let's do a quick bullet point list of some of the important happenings so far with Kaitlyn Bristowe as The Bachelorette.

  • The Bachelorette. First of all, let me say that while Britt is one of the most beautiful girls I have laid my eyes on, I am glad that Kaitlyn was ultimately chosen. Her sense of humor, real-ness, and down to earth/laid back kinda girl vibe gave me hope for a good season. 

  • The Men. Aside from Shawn who is Ryan Gosling's real life twin (yum) and maybe one of the Ben's (I can't quite remember which one I'm a fan of-- it's easy to be confused when there's multiple guys with the same name), most of the guys in my opinion are a big thumbs down. See next bullet point for two in particular.

  • JJ and Clint. Ew. Ew. Ew. First of all, JJ gave me a bad vibe to begin with. Then there's Clint, who looks like The Beast after he transforms into human form. Both are villain-ess guys who apparently have fallen for each other (huh??) and are trying to stick around to figure out their bromance. To be perfectly honest, I'm just confused by this whole dynamic and want it to end.

  • Nick. Ohhhh Nick Viall. I will admit that after Andi's season I felt a little bad for this poor guy whose sex life was exposed on national television. Now he's coming back for more, and it seems like revenge (in a backwards sort of way) is going down. Apparently him and Kaitlyn did a little flirting pre-show, so it seems fitting that producers would choose to cast him halfway through the show to throw a little twist into things. I'm already cringing as I watch previews for what's to come as Kaitlyn confesses to the rest of the guys that she slept with someone... who I can only suspect is Nick. He Instagrammed this quote the other day which makes me wonder if the final outcome bodes well for these two, especially considering it seems like the rest of the guys run for the hills upon hearing the devestating news of Kaitlyn "two-timing" all of them (wait a second, isn't this whole show one big cluster of two-timing on national television? I guess that's neither here nor there.....). 

What does everyone else think the outcome of this season will be? Are you enjoying it so far? OH! And one more thing. No matter what happens on Monday nights, know that you will ALWAYS find me lounging on my couch in those comfy yoga pants, bottle (I mean glass) of wine in hand, tuned into ABC, savoring every fine, dramatic moment. I have teamed up with an awesome company, Clothing By OWL, to give all of my fellow Bachelore/ette lovers a great deal on this amazing shirt (see photos down below! Hey, I never said I was a professional model ha). Go to their website and when you checkout, use code "BACHELORETTE10" to get 10% off your purchase, with another 10% given toward an animal rescue. Be sure to check them out on Instagram too at @clothingbyowl. Thanks for your support guys!


Well, I gotta run. Bachelorette starts in t-2 hours and that means I need to get my snacks & wine ready, yoga pants on, and kick my husband out of the living room ;) Enjoy everyone! 

with faith, love, & coffee,

kellie ann
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