Friday, January 2, 2015

My 2015 New Year's Resolution

Another year has come and gone, oh so quickly. It's amazing to look back over the past year and think about how fast life happens. For Justin and I, this past year was one for the books for sure. From an engagement, to a wedding, to ending the year with an amazing honeymoon in Hawaii, it's hard to think that 2015 could possibly be any better. However, I have no doubt that it will be. One of the many conversations we had while on our honeymoon was about how much we were looking forward to living every day life with one another- the simple, routine, quiet, even "boring" moments that comes with waking up together each morning. I am so so grateful that we have found each other and are able to create amazing memories together day in and day out. I am a sentimental person, and find that recording memories through pictures and journaling is the best and most therapeutic way to really feel and remember. I had a difficult time coming up with a "resolution" for this upcoming year-- I tossed around all of the cliche ideas: lose weight, travel more, better myself in my career, get all those home improvement projects done.... the list could go on and on. I just couldn't decide or commit to any of these, in a sense, superficial resolutions.

As I sat down today to go through all of the mail and bills we received while we were gone, I came across this planner that I had bought on a whim while I was finishing up my Christmas shopping last month. Since I am super organized (sometimes to a fault), this happened to be the fourth planner I had stocked up on for this year (oops). I already have one for work, one hanging on the fridge, and I keep most daily tasks and to-do items on my iPhone calendar. As I picked up this pretty planner from my pile of mail, all at once, it hit me. I don't need to use this year to focus on a huge goal (or even a bunch of smaller goals) to better my future. Instead, I need to focus on being grateful for what I already do have. On a daily basis. Every single day. I already have everything I need- a loving family, a wonderful husband, amazing friends, a home, a career, and my faith. What else could I possibly need?

So here it is, my official (& super simple) New Year's resolution: I am going to use planner (number four) to every day write down  something I am thankful or grateful for. Not to plan my day or write what I expect to get out of that day or week, but to show happiness and gratitude for what I already do have before the day even starts. I have a feeling I will gain so much more from this than losing that 5-10lbs I may or may not have gained on my honeymoon (although I suppose it wouldn't hurt to take it easy on the fine meals and extra glass of wine for a few weeks ☺).

Has anyone else decided to make a similar resolution? Have I convinced you to give it a try? Let me know your thoughts!! Here's to making this year even better than the last and for being grateful for all those precious little moments life brings us.

Until next time.....

with faith, love, & coffee,

kellie ann
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