Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dirty White Socks

My husband owns so many white socks. Sooooo many. I'm not kidding. He has two dresser drawers dedicated to them, and they are overflowing, and that is not counting when every single pair is clean (because they never are all clean because he somehow manages to have just as many dirty white socks as he does clean ones. It seriously is a mystery I don't think I will ever be able to solve.). Now before you think this a blog post written just to complain about the number of socks my husband owns (although I really could go on about this for awhile...), let me get to the point here.

The other day I was doing our laundry (I didn't waste a second getting started on those housewife duties post-wedding), and per usual, as you can guess, it was sock time. An entire basket was filled with those infinite white socks. AN ENTIRE LAUNDRY BASKET!  I'll admit, I began to become slightly frustrated and agitated a) at the fact that someone even owns this many socks b) that this many socks were all dirty at the same time and c) that I was the lucky one given the task of finding each one's matching pair to return to their home inside the dresser drawer. Normally, I might find myself complaining about it to my husband, or silently cursing the 10+ minutes I was spending doing this chore when I could be doing something else, like writing a blog post about how much I hate white socks ;). Anyway, today I decided to take a different approach. One that actually made my afternoon a whole lot brighter and put an entirely different light on what it was that I was doing. I actually caught myself smiling and laughing out loud a few times. For every pair of socks that I matched, I thought of a reason I loved my husband. Seems silly, right? Well, it wasn't. It was fun, made me appreciate the fact that I even have a husband with so many socks to match for, and helped me to appreciate that sometimes in life even those annoying and bothersome everyday tasks you have to do can have a little positive meaning behind them ☺

Curious about my list? Here it is (and yes, there really were 24 pairs of socks for a 2 week period. I did the math- that's 1.7 socks a day. How does that even happen? At what point during the day does he decide he needs a new pair of socks? I don't think anyone will ever know. Since he's probably reading this-- I love you, boo ☺).

Sock Pair 1. He's funny.
Sock Pair 2. He's smart.
Sock Pair 3. He's loving.
Sock Pair 4. He's talented.
Sock Pair 5. He's super handsome.
Sock Pair 6. He's thoughtful.
Sock Pair 7. He works hard.
Sock Pair 8. He's passionate.
Sock Pair 9. He knows how to show me that he loves me.
Sock Pair 10. He's a great handyman.
Sock Pair 11. He has so many hobbies that he loves.
Sock Pair 12. He loves to travel with me.
Sock Pair 13. He loves spoiling me.
Sock Pair 14. He helps me out around the house (even if I have to ask him more than once ☺).
Sock Pair 15. He brings out the best in me.
Sock Pair 16. He strives for perfection in everything he does.
Sock Pair 17. He cares about other people.
Sock Pair 18. He is an excellent cook.
Sock Pair 19. He knows just how to make me feel better when I'm down or upset.
Sock Pair 20. He's a huge dork (in a loving way, of course).
Sock Pair 21. He loves his family and mine.
Sock Pair 22. He has the cutest smile.
Sock Pair 23. He makes me feel safe.
Sock Pair 24. He's my best friend.

There you have it. The moral of this post is: I hate white socks, but I love my husband ☺

J's face as I walked down the aisle... seriously though, I'm still melting 

PS. We leave for our honeymoon to Hawaii tomorrow!!! We are so excited and I can't wait to post all about it when we get home. Until then.... have a Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone!

with faith, love, & coffee,

kellie ann
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