Thursday, June 5, 2014


Let’s break it down. I figured with a blog title that has three parts to it, it would only be polite of me to talk about each one individually. I like doing things in order (I may or may not be slightly Type A when it comes to my personality...haha) so let’s go ahead and start with the first one.


It’s a big word. Not literally speaking… don’t worry, I did make it through grad school knowing words with more letters in them than five. (side note: I did just have to count on my fingers to figure out that there are five letters in the word “faith”. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that, but it’s too late now and I’ve already spent way too much time talking about math and reading). So let’s get down to it.

What is faith? What does it mean to me? To you? To your husband/wife/significant other? What about to your parents? Or to your children? What does faith mean to a stranger you’ve never met? Well I certainly can’t speak for any of the people I mentioned, except for myself. I think one of the greatest beauties of this life is that we can learn and grow from listening to other people’s thoughts, stories, and opinions. Who am I to judge that what you believe in is any more right or wrong than what I do?

I consider myself a devout Catholic, born and raised “from the cradle” as they say, and I strongly believe in God, Jesus Christ, and everything else that goes along with the faith I feel so blessed to have come to believe in. As an adult, I have chosen my faith and set of beliefs on my own, but I also know that the solid foundation that was laid out for me growing up has helped me to get to where I am today. I could easily spend hours, days, months, years writing about all of the principles, rules, and traditions of the church, but let’s face it—this is a blog that has the word “coffee” in it and there are definitely far better resources to go to if that’s what you’re looking for (side note #2: if that really is what you’re looking for, my first recommendation would be to simply pick up a Bible and read a few verses… it might inspire you in unexpected ways). So aside from my religion, what do I think of when someone asks me what “faith” means to me?

I think of believing in something bigger than yourself.

I think of hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. For a brighter future. For those who are lost, hurt, broken, or alone.

I think of comfort, happiness, and true contentment.

I think of beauty.

I think of nature.

I think of diversity.

I think of forgiveness.

I think of trust.

Most of all, when I think of faith, I think of LOVE. The kind of love that we as humans can’t even imagine feeling. The kind of love that when we someday leave this life will bring more light and happiness to our souls than is fathomable here on this earth. To me, faith is love. And who doesn’t love love? I know I sure do. Next time you find yourself doubting your faith, whatever it may be, remember the way love feels. It might not dissipate your doubt right away, but it certainly can’t hurt to try. As my fiancé recently told me, “All we need is love…”. And faith. And coffee ☺.

More on LOVE next time. Until then….

with faith, love, & coffee,

kellie ann
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