Monday, June 9, 2014


Mmmm coffee. It seems particularly fitting that this post falls on a Monday (shout out to my friend & wedding photographer Jess for requesting a coffee post today to get the week started off right ☺).

In grad school I spent a ridiculous amount of time (something like 40+ hours) observing in a coffee shop for a research project. I had to write about the smells, the décor, the people, everything. The best part about this is that my degree has nothing to do with coffee (aside from the fact that I literally probably couldn’t function at my job without it every morning). I just love coffee that much. So it seemed fitting to do research on people who shared a love of coffee with me. Unless you are, for whatever strange reason that I would never be able to understand, NOT a coffee drinker, I know you totally get where I’m coming from. It’s just so delicious. It smells so good. It wakes me up. It makes me happy. Seriously, what kind of magic did God put into those beans?

With the way I’m talking about the stuff, you’d think I was born with a coffee mug to my lips. However, my coffee loving journey didn’t start until I was 21 years old. I had just started grad school and was working a new job part time as a caregiver for a child with special needs. I loved everything I was doing, but as you might imagine I was exhausted. There wasn’t really much time for sleep, so since that was out of the question, I was left with only one option: coffee. Ohhhh coffee. What a life-changer. And by life-changer I mean life-saver. And by life-saver I mean it became my life. Am I still talking about coffee right now? Haha ☺

I guess the moral of this post is if you’re a coffee lover like I am, then we’re already friends. If you go to sleep at night excited to wake up the next morning to Dunkin, Tim, Starbucks, or Keurig (yep, still talking about coffee here… although I think I might have just picked out some new names for my future children- luckily J is as much of, if not more of, a coffee lover as I am so I know he’d have no qualms about any of those names; although his vote would definitely be for his all-time favorite, Dunkin) like I am, then I like you even more. So coffee lovers everywhere, raise your mug and cheers to a good week! (If you don’t like coffee, then just go back to sleep because I really don’t know what else to tell you to do to have a good week. Just kidding ☺ Kind of.) Haha, have a happy rest of your Monday everyone!! As for me, I'm off to meet Jess (at Starbucks, of course) to pick up our Save the Dates that just came in for the wedding! So excited!!!!!

with faith, love, & coffee,

kellie ann
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